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Welcome to our Joyful Healing Oils Team website! My name is Pamela Hunter and I am proud to be the leader of this team, the JHOT mama!  We have a fabulous team working together in loving-kindness to care and share wellness with all. 

Our mission is to inspire love & healing holistically through breath, movement, and natural living. Browse our website to learn how you can achieve health and balance in your life. 

Take the journey now!  Click a topic in the top menu. A page will open and on the right side bar you will see a list of articles specific to the topic you chose. Pick one to read or share and you are on your way to a more holistic life. To get back, just click a topic in the top menu again or use your browser’s back button.

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Summer Conference Call Series

Summer Conference Call Series

with JHOT Leaders

Looking for a way to learn more about your essential oils and how Young Living can benefit your world?  With the Summer here and playtime awaiting around every turn, it is more challenging to attend gatherings and educational events.  So we are bringing the education to you!  Check out our Summer Conference Call Series!  Read more
Monthly Promotions with Young Living Essential Oils

Monthly Promotions with Young Living Essential Oils

How to Get FREE Products!

Young Living Essential Oils offers promotions each month to help introduce you to new oils!  Find out what it takes to receive these monthly promos!


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Webinars, Conf. Calls, & Videos to Watch

Webinars, Conf. Calls, & Videos to Watch

Get Educated!

Just Click to listen to Education and Training webinars & videos.

New live webinars schedule can be found in the Education tab. Mark your calendars for the first Wednesday of the month at 8:30pm CST.

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«July 2014»

Do you carry extra energy in your pocket?

Do you carry extra energy in your pocket?  If you are carrying essential oils with you, you are carrying extra energy. How is this?

Essential oils increase your vibrational frequency, your life force, prana or chi.  These are names for energy.  We all can use a boost of energy, right?

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8/6/2014 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Back to School Basket of Oils WEBINAR

Are you ready for school to begin again?  What does this mean for your family?  Allergies?  Moldy buildings? Strange chemicals in their environment?  Busier lifestyle with more stress?  Join us to discuss some of these topics and which essential oils can help.

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8/9/2014 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Raindrop Technique Training

Raindrop Technique is a wonderful method to use to treat your family and friends when they have scoliosis, colds, flu, need to detox and many more reasons.  You can see more about Raindrop Technique on this site, Click here

There are no CEUs available for this course due to its target is for people using it for friends and family, Not to start a business with it.  Anyone of any level of usage and experience with Young Living Essential Oils is welcome to attend and learn!

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